TV preview- Bates Motel


TV preview- Bates Motel- Universal Channel -Thursday 9pm

The autumn season seems to be getting under way with the return of all out winter favorites. In the last few weeks The Newsroom, House of Lies and everyone’ s favorite The Great British Bakeoff returned to our screens. A new series that I’ve been looking forward to getting a look at is Bates Motel that starts on Thursday night. Based on the characters from Robert Bloch’s “Psycho”, Bates Motel is a contemporary prequel, looking at the lives of Norman and Norma Bates in the years before Hitchcock’s film. The series begins when Norma’s husband dies and she buys a motel in a coastal town in Oregon to begin a new life with her son. The couple live in an old house overlooking the motel that they are renovating and house, hotel and new town all come with their own secrets. They are soon joined by Norma’s estranged son Dylan who appears to have a dark past.

It has a strong cast with Vera Fermiga playing Norma and Freddie Highmore as Norman. Executive producer Carlton Cuse has admitted that Twin Peaks was a major influence on the series, even going as far as saying they pretty much ripped it off! Which is great news in my book as I loved Twin Peaks. The show has had good critical response and has been nominated for an Emmy award. I’m also hoping its in the same vein as Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuck’s American Horror Story, the first season of which featured Farmiga’s sister, Taissa Farmiga, who is also returning for season three: Coven. American Horror Story should be returning to our screens in October. It’s great to see some old fashioned scares returning to our small screens and I’m already counting the days until The Returned returns! The Autumn/Winter TV schedule is shaping up nicely.

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