No More Sitting on the Fence


Odd news this morning from Johnny Lynch (Pictish Trail) – he’s pulling the curtain down on Fence Records after over a decade of lovely releases. Here’s the announcement:

“So, aye – it feels like this chapter has come to an end, and it’s time to move forward with something fresh. The current Fence artist roster, including myself, have decided to continue under a new label/collective name. I’m almost tempted to use the word ‘rebrand’, but that sounds a bit wank. The main thing is this: we will retain the same DIY ethos, commitment to detail, and dedication to supporting original, innovative and – above all – inspiring music and songwriting.”

I look forward to Johnny announcing the name of his new venture, and there should be some exciting new releases on that label over the coming months – Withered Hand are due to release something soon.

Either way, I lament never having made it to any of the Fence festivals, and will miss the Fence Collective and UNPOC turning up around London.

Full details on the Fence Website here.

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