New Release Movies – 09-08-13

Alan Partridge in the studio

One of the many joys of bank holiday weekends is that you spend the next week never quite being sure what day of the week it is! The workhorse can confirm that today is indeed Friday, which a fresh batch of movies dropped  onto the streets of Dublin, and all are demanding your attention, screaming like new borns, some impossible not to love and some best left ignored. In truth, all the children this week are a little bit funny looking, but we’ll do the best with what we have.

Alan Partridge – Alpha Papa is Steve Coogan’s latest comedy to hit the big screen. It is directed by Dublin born Declan Lowney who is possibly best known for Father Ted, The reviews are pretty average, but what did you expect? Those that love Alan, will no doubt love this, so it already has a well established market.

We’ve been waiting for the Lone Ranger for many months now, as the hype machine of Bruckheimer pumps it up a notch to try and establish a new Franchise. johnny Depp is wheeled out again, for another of his zany characters (are you not better than this Johnny?). The reviews are average to poor.

Foxfire is from the director of the Class, and is based on a novel by Joyce Carol Oates. It may well be the best new movie of the week, but it doesn’t have that difficult opposition, in truth. The story of a young girl in difficult circumstances in 1955 and the birth of an outlaw gang.

Grown Ups 2 gets slammed by the critics, but I’m pretty sure the first one did also. It’s an Adam Sandler movie after all.

Looking for Hortense is a french movie starrign Kirstin Scott Thomas, sadly it’s not one of her better ones. Stand clear, there’s nothing to see here.

The Moo Man is one to take note of as it’s officially released this week, but isn’t showing in too many cinemas.

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