New Music | Little xs for Eyes – Summer Stay

little xs for eyes - Summer Stay (press-radio pack) - little xs for eyes_press shot 1_2013_6x4

Earlier today, the Dublin-based six-piece Little xs for Eyes released their new single & video for Summer Stay. The song is a delightful and confident folk-pop/indie-electro explosion that will bring a smile to even the most stoic of faces. And, to top it all off, the single can be downloaded for FREE from the group’s bandcamp page. (Think of a poppier version of 90’s 4AD band Belly mixed with a sparkling summer fruit cocktail and you won’t be too far off).

Summer Stay is also the first single to come from Little xs’ second album, due out early 2014, and it’s a promising teaser for sure. The single comes with a truly beautiful, must-hear b’side too – a slick (and sick!) cover version of the ridiculously excellent 80’s hit Bette Davis Eyes (previously featured on the Record Store Gay covers collection released earlier this year). Have a little listen below…

Little xs for Eyes’ FACEBOOK | Little xs for Eyes’ TWITTER

Matthew Barks

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