Movies – 14-06-13


I have a strange mix of emotions about Zach Synder, I’m not sure whether to love to hate him. Maybe I just quite like him, yes, possibly that’s it. Watchmen was as near to the comic as could be made on the screen, but really it didn’t capture it and was a bit empty. 300 and Dawn of the dead weren’t bad either, but I’m not sure I’d watch either of them again.

Man of Steel is his latest effort is getting lots of average reviews with a few good ones thrown in for good measure so it’s probably worth the risk.

Much ado about Nothing is Joss Whedon’s attempt to reclaim his soul before he goes off and does another Avengers movie. Still, I’ll always love him for the Buffy years, so he gets a pass no matter how big a blockbuster he works on. This version of the Shakey classic get average reviews.

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