Movies – 07-06-13 – Behind the Candelabra, After Earth…

Behind the Candelabra trailer - video

Do you remember we were talking about Steven Soderbergh’s last ever movie? It really wasn’t that long ago, just in March. Well, this one doesn’t count for some reason, as it’s not really a movie, as it was made by HBO. Make of that excuse what you will, but on his IMDB page, he’s directing a TV series called ‘The Knick’ starring Clive Owen. That doesn’t count either, as that’s TV.

Behind the Candelabra is the rather wonderful sounding story of the tempestuous 6-year relationship between Liberace and his (much younger) lover, and it stars Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. The critics all seem pretty enamoured by it, so not to be missed.

Hasta La Vista (come as you are) is the story of a blind man, a vociferous paraplegic and wheelchair-bound man having the many adventures of youth including getting drunk and losing their virginity. It sounds a bit suspect, but again, I can’t find a bad review.

After Earth on the other hand, well, it’s M Night Shyamalan continuing his fall from grace, as people slowly realise that he’s nothing without the shock endings! The director of the Sixth Sense returns with the Smiths, old and young.

Maybe you’d be better off watching this!

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone is the stone roses bio pic that has been talked about for many moons. It’s directed by Shane Meadows and gets average reviews. It’s one for fans of the band, just like ever other rock-umentary ever made!

The last Exorcism – Part II gets awful reviews, so enjoy the trailer below and then we’ll never mention it again!

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