3epkano score the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – Fitzwilliam Square – 30-05-13

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The latest happenings of the summer, and they’re going all out for this one, as it’s a band AND a movie in Fitzwilliam Square.

3epkano score the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari -Thursday 30th may 2013 – Gates 7pm for food and hanging out. Show starts at 10pm. Tickets €5

Food from Irish Village Markets and Caryna Cakes and tunes from Lasertom in the sun.

THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI – Germany / 1919 / 72mins
Director – Robert Wiene

In the little village of Holstenwall on the Dutch border, fairground hypnotist Dr Caligari (Werner Krauss) puts on show a somnambulist called Cesare (Conrad Veidt) who has been asleep for twenty-three years. At night, dressed in a black body-stocking and with a ghostly white face, he slithers through the town murdering people on the doctor’s orders. A student (Friedrich Feher) has his suspicions about Caligari after a friend is found dead and it transpires that the doctor is the director of a lunatic asylum. The story also has a sting in the tail added by the producer!

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