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Rebekka Karijord – Workman’s Club – Review – 18-05-13

Rebekka Karijord Workmans Club (2)

Rebekka Karijord returned to the Workman’s club four months after her last visit. She said she was delighted to be back in Dublin, and that their previous gig was the best in their tour so far (yes, we love hearing that, Irish crowds are the best!). She almost didn’t make it though, as the tour van had a brake failure on a motorway in France the previous day. We’re glad she did!

From a show of hands early in the gig, many of those in the venue had been there a few months previously. The rest were newly converted fans, and those trying to avoid the Eurovision and Ireland’s dismal showing!

It’s lovely to see a singer of this quality in a small venue, but I can’t imagine it lasting much longer. Rebekka is a talented musician with a powerful voice and is stunning looking also, so all that’s lacking is a hit to make the radio/ TV stations sit up and pay attention. With the quality of her music, it can’t be far away!

The set featured her playing keyboard and harp, with a backing band of guitar, bass and drums. She worked her way through most of the new album but there were more than a few alterations to the set from the previous night in January, to keep those who had been there before entertained! She left the stage a little after 11 having played songs of love, Norwegian storms, odes to spring and a variety of other interesting tales.

Support on the night was from ‘Small Feet’ (who were also Rebekka’s backing band) and earlier from ‘Inni K’. Small Feet were a three piece on the night, and their drummer was surprisingly good, considering it was the first time he’d played with them! Not even a rehearsal according to themselves other than on the plane on the way over! I guess they have played together previously though as part of Rebekka’s band, which must help. They have recently been recording and will release an EP later in the year.

Inni K is the stage name for a singer songwriter from county Kildare, who I hadn’t encountered previously, but is a name to watch out for in future! She plays ukulele and keyboard and has a lovely singing voice and a quirky unique sound.

Inni K wants to play in your house. Honest!  If you’re interested, you can contact her here.

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