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Justin Walter – Lullabies and Nightmares – Album Review (Kranky)


“I set out to record an album of completely improvised music that fused my experiments with the Electronic Valve Instrument and my love of held sounds on the trumpet. In recent years I’ve come to see the trumpet as an instrument that speaks in slow and long sounds, with meaning coming from the shape and inflection of each note. The process for this was fairly straight forward, record lots of improvisations. Of the songs on the album, 6 are one take improvisations with the only overdubs being drums.” – Justin Walter

Justin Walter’s debut full-length is one of those records you put on that sinks into your consciousness without you really noticing it’s happening. I’ve been listening to it while working and its the perfect companion. Ambient yet to-the-fore at times its improvised nature does add to the organic sound of the album while at the same time holding aspects of drone and repetition. There is also a jazz influence on some of the tracks. Overall this is a really beautiful release from the Brooklyn-based/Michigan-bred trumpet player and composer and one of my fav’s of the year so far. Have a glimpse at Walter’s recording process below.

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