Movies – 12-04-13


So Tom Cruise was in town last week, and the real face off was between himself and Ryan Tubridy on last week’s Late Late! By all accounts Tom did very well (no sofa to jump over this time), so his ‘how to act like a human’ classes must be going splendidly!

His new movie is a high budget sci-fi flick that sounds a little run of the mill, but looks nice! I’m tempted to go regardless of the average reviews. It was directed by the man responsible (Joseph Kosinski) for the hugely disappointing Tron Legacy (there’s another sequel due for Tron in 2014 which is also directed by Joe!).

Ryan Gosling returns in a crime drama called ‘The Place beyond the Pines’. Never has one man made such a career of not saying very much and looking pretty on screen (Ok, he’s not the first). Bradley Cooper is in there too, so a film heavy on manly eye candy!

It’s from the same director (Derek Cianfrance) as Ryan and Michelle William’s 2010 drama ‘Blue Valentine’, which I really quite enjoyed.

The only other offering this week is ‘Pilgrim Hill’. It’s an Irish movie and looks a bit bleak, but the reviews are pretty good! It’s the debut feature from Gerard Barrett.

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