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Golden Void- Rise to the Out of Reach (Thrill Jockey)


Released on Thrill Jockey Records- 20th April – Record Store Day!

Golden Void are a San Francisco 4 piece and the side project of members of Eyes, Earthless and Roots of Orchis. Their music explores themes of destruction and devotion with previous releases examining Rising seas cleansing the earth and devotion through Tibetan Buddhism 21 tiaras. They have played together since 2009 and their sound is a mixture of Psychedelic rock and stoner metal.

Rise to the Out of Reach is a 7 inch release brought out to coincide with Record Store Day. It was recorded on a cassette 4 track  to give it a very vintage sound.  The B side is an instrumental piece called Smiling Raven. Smiling Raven is pure stoner metal, the perfect soundtrack to any strung out drugs scene in a movie ever. Due to its psychedelic roots, it is a track that is timeless, in that it could have as easily been recorded in the 1970’s as in 2013.

Initially I thought that Rise to the Out of Reach was also instrumental as the vocals didn’t kick in until quite late. The lead male vocal was a quaint mixture of early Ozzy and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. The female vocalist has a very ethereal sound. The single has a very driving beat and a summery feel about it, where I could imagine listening to it at a BBQ while drinking my bottle of Corona. It also called up some memory of Christian Rock which cannot be surprising to a band exploring themes of devotion, whatever the religious belief system behind it may be.

The Golden Void’s self titled album is available from Thrill Jockey records and there are European Tour dates released, but none for Ireland as of yet!

Review by LA

Here’s a taste of Golden Void’s previous work…

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