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Guest Post – Declan Murphy – New Sounds for Spring


Declan is playing a DJ set at the Grafton Lounge on Sudany at 8-10 and at Lillie’s Bordello at 11pm is you like what you hear below.

Au revoir January blues hello springtime and another little stretch in the evening noiccee!! In this month’s blog once again I will highlight a few artists that I feel may be worth checking out if you are a novice or perhaps swimming in the shallow end of all things electronic and housey within the music scene.  I first however would like to put before you the following conundrums (for want of a better word) that I regularly face when I express my passion for the above genres with friends and sometimes strangers on an ongoing basis.

I’ll try and describe the scenarios as best I can. A train or bus journey is always a good setting. Conversation when or if it gets around to music is one I usually dread for a number of reasons which I will attempt to explain.

Reason No.1

I may happen to say something along the lines of I’m into house music or use the dreaded D word, Dance music and it’s a social alienation from there on in many cases. Responses can vary from ‘oh right is that like Tiesto and Calvin Harris and all that bang bang bang osssh bang carry on, sure that stuff all sounds the same, just a fella pressing a few buttons and loads of lights going’.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the best response or approach to a sentence similar to this is to simply say ‘yep the harder and faster the better too bud woop woop!’ and  commence putting  earphones on mid sentence.

Reason No. 2

When the person you express your musical tastes to goes ‘oh ya’ me too and names out every artist you personally feel doesn’t do anything for you within the same genre and this is usually followed by a complete ignorance of the artist’s /producers you like. You may name a particular track you like and the response is counter punched two fold by a production from their musical messiah  which in turn they make you listen too in its entirety on Smartphone  speakers while telling you what bits to really pay attention to…. now that can be a public transport hell.

Reason No.3

And Finally the coup d’état  is the person you strike up a musical conversation with actually has similar musical tastes to you but gives you absolutely nothing  back for fear that you are trying to unlock their secret formula for having like minded  tastes.  This can be like musical knowledge chess, so the best approach again here is not to take the conversation very far or perhaps change direction with a completely off tangent sentence like so.  Was one of those cows in that field on fire?….. I could have sworn it was!’

To Conclude I guess it’s important to be as objective rather than subjective as you can when it comes to music. People derive what they want from whatever genre song or artist they may be listening to.

Acceptance of this is the key. One quote that I heard a few years back and it has resonated with me ever since is that your musical taste is as unique as your finger print. I don’t feel I need to expand any further on this.

So enough with the deciphering of musical taste here are a few artists that I like right now and perhaps you may too if you choose to listen. The Artists I have chosen reflect the sort of sound I play when I do the Grafton lounge each month.  I’m there again by the way on the 24th this Sunday starting at 8pm and finishing shortly after 10pm then it’s a quick dash across to Lillie’s Bordello at 11pm where I’m warming the dance floor temperature there too if anyone’s slightly interested. I’ll be dropping in some productions by the following:

Julio Bashmore

I’m not going give you a long bio on this kid you have got the internet for that these days,  but here are a few tracks worth checking out. He has being putting out some very tasty stuff for the past 3 years.



A producer DJ Artist journalist promoter and remixer that has been at the heart of the Berlin scene for the past 20 years well worth a bio search on Google, check these gems out first though


Daniel Bortz

This Bavarian DJ producer and remixer came out of nowhere for me about 18 months ago and I’ve liked almost everything he has happened to lay his hands on…. for example


Those three artist picks should tie you over until March and god knows who else you might discover as a result of listening to them. I’m also still doing the radio show The Last Coach. If you want to check out what I like to play when I’m not DJing live. Things are a little more diverse on the show and you can check it out here.

Finally remember Todd Terje from January’s blog piece that I put up well the man of many talents Mr. Terje has provided the soundtrack and inspiration for this short movie that was award nominated in 2012. The short piece tells the story about a young man named Marius in a rural part of Norway who is a big fan of the sort of music that Todd produces. I won’t say anymore about this masterpiece than this. Just like the music I have highlighted for you derive from it what you will…..until next month hipsters travel well!

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