The Breeders – Last Splash – Vicar St – June 14th


15 gems, each can fill you with rapture, can dazzle you to the core of your being (I don’t think I’m over stating it, am I?). Yes, you can hear the Breeders perform the full of the Last Splash in the lovely venue of Vicar Street on June 14th. Tickets are €33.50, and go on sale tomorrow.

I could see this one selling out, as I’d get there quickly!

1. “New Year” 1:56

2. “Cannonball” 3:33

3. “Invisible Man” 2:48

4. “No Aloha” 2:07

5. “Roi” 4:11

6. “Do You Love Me Now?” (Kim Deal, Kelley Deal) 3:01

7. “Flipside” 1:59

8. “I Just Wanna Get Along” (Kim Deal, Kelley Deal) 1:44

9. “Mad Lucas” 4:36

10. “Divine Hammer” 2:41

11. “S.O.S.” 1:31

12. “Hag” 2:55

13. “Saints” 2:32

14. “Drivin’ on 9” (Dom Leone, Steve Hickoff) 3:22

15. “Le Roi (Reprise)”


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