Johnny Marr – Academy – March 27th


One living legend on his way to Dublin, in the form of Johnny Marr, to the Academy on Wednesday March 27th.

His new album ‘The Messenger’ is due for release next month, and tickets are €24.50 (plus extra bits). Tickets on sale from Friday.

The good reason to go is that he’s supposedly playing some Smiths songs at this gigs. According to the setlists knocking around, you can probably/ possibly expect to hear the correct guitar lines for ‘How soon is now?’ and ‘There is a light that never goes out’.

His own music…. well, we’ll let you decide for yourself on that half of the bargain. His lyrics don’t quite match Morrissey’s level anyway.

“The underground is overground

The overground will pull you down

It’s how it goes in these times

How we know it’s in their eyes

Upstarts now are on their way”


Categories: Gigs, Music

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