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Father John Misty – Workmans Club – Review

Father John Misty or J TIllman or Joshua as his parents called him is an unusual man. He left the happy confines of a very successful band, as he was the drummer in the Fleet Foxes, and chose to go his own road. He now performs under the moniker of Father John Misty and on Saturday night (27-11-12) he took to the stage of the Workmans club for his first performance in Ireland as lead singer. His band on the night was a five piece with guitars, bass, keyboards and drums and were an impressively tight unit.

The support band on the night were a pretty striking band called No, who are from LA and New Zealand, and were performing in Dublin for the first time. The five piece set up with a wall of guitars to the front of the stage, with drums behind. The vocals and guitar lines reminded me of the National among other rock standards. Their short set was very impressive, and they said they would return after the release of their first album. Someone to watch out for.

Father John Misty took the stage at around 10 and played for just over and hour, performing the bulk of their first album ‘Fear Fun’ and an interestingly sweet old time tune as an encore. His music owes a debt to 60’s and 70’s american rock music such as The Doors and The Rolling Stones but his lyrics are quirky and humours and the talent of the musicians involved was obvious. From his performance at the Workmans Club on Saturday night, and the adoration of the crowd singing along with every word, he may have made the right decision to go on his own! I’d expect to see him in a much bigger venue next time round!

Images and his performance on KEXP are below.

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