Bite Size Movie Reviews – Beast of the Southern Wild

The Beast of the Southern Wild is the story of a young girl growing up on an island called the ‘Bathtub’ which is threatened to be washed away by the rising of the sea level, and coud disappear altogether. She lives with her Father (Wink), and the memories of her idealised Mother, in a ramshackle wild world that is not touched by modern technology or conveniences. They live in fear of the big storm that will eventually wash this world away, until one day it arrives…

This is a beautifully shot movie that creates an untamed world where the inhabitants live. The cinematography is stunning and some of the shots of the wilderness, animals and fish will last with you. The performance of the child star Quvenzhané Wallis is hugely impressive. While a lot of her spoken words are in voice over while she dashes or climbs around, her charisma and power really carry the film, the camera lens loves her, and it is rarely off her in this movie!

If it has a failing it is that there is not that much to the plot, it is a bit too simple and could do with other elements drawn into it, but really there is more than enough in the beauty of the world created to carry you through. This is a bitter sweet tale that will warm the coldest of hearts, and that is something that is we could all do with during these cold winter days!

Grade: C+

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