The Coming Storm – Samuel Beckett Theatre – Review

Forced Entertainment’s production of  ‘The coming storm‘ is a a loose and free flowing piece of theatre, which is enjoyable and well paced.  It develops slowly from the initial scene with six people (three men and three women) entering an empty set, which has various rails of costumes and other odd ball items (branches of a tree, a drum kit, a crocodile costume etc) at either side.

There is a single microphone at the centre of the stage, and the piece starts with one of the characters explaining the essential items of what a good story contains. The other members of the cast wait on while she develops this theme at length, before someone else pulls the microphone off her, to tell their story. This is the progression of the piece, with each story eventually being interrupted by another member of the cast, to tell their own tale, so no story is ever really finished. Each of the various characters have different style of story telling, some tell pieces from their past, some tell outlandish tales and others just question the veracity of what they’ve just been told.

At the start of the piece, the other members of the cast wait patiently beside the others, listening to their story, but after the initial couple of tales, they largely start to ignore the others, or to dress up, to dance or play musical instruments to add to the anecdote. There are a number of quite accomplished musicians within the cast, and at times piano, guitar and drums form the soundtrack to the various stories. There is a slow development throughout the piece, and the madness of what is happening on stage gradually builds.

While not being one of the more difficult pieces in the theatre festival, this is a light and humorous piece which is well handled by the various cast members.

The Coming Storm finishes today at the Samuel Beckett theatre.

Categories: Festivals, Theatre

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