Oh Fuck Moment – Filmbase – Review

So, what exactly is an “Oh Fuck moment” I hear you cry? Well, the best definition was given by one of the audience last night, when she described knocking a crystal vase off a counter and smashing it to pieces. This vase belonged to her boyfriend’s mother, who she had been introduced to five minutes previously. The vase itself was a gift to her boyfriends mother from her mother, on her wedding day. Ouch! Is there a way back from that? Is there anything you can say or do to make it right, or should you just make your excuses and leave?

This is a two-hander interactive piece of theatre, where we explore the mistakes people make and our attempts to fight against our human nature. To err is human we have been told, but largely we like to pretend that mistakes just happens to other people! The play is set in an office board room,  Chris Thorpe (right above, obviously!) welcomes us into the room and Hannah James Walker gives everyone a cup of tea, beaming and asking ‘Are you alright?’ before showing you to a seat. Chris is wearing a name badge with human resources on it, and you know the world you’ve entered.

While there is interaction in the group, you don’t have to contribute (I got away without opening my mouth). There are also a number of poems delivered by the two actors, and even some role play! A couple of prime examples of ‘oh fuck moments’ are explored in detail before we end with a poem. The piece is carried along nicely by two great performance from the cast, but in some ways is dependent on those in the room, and their willingness to cooperate. The piece explores human nature and office dynamics well and leaves you wondering how you will react to the next moment you know you’ve fucked up!

The Oh Fuck Moment runs until the 22nd, with tickets from €12-14.

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