Mass – Powerscourt Theatre – Fringe Festival – Review


Having done little or no research on this event before I went to it, I was working under the presumption that they called the event Mass as it was on a Sunday, and thought no more of it. There’s already another event in the Workmans club every Sunday called Mass that promises ‘the best of the 80’s, indie and other guilty pleasures’, as well as several first Friday events. I was expecting a couple of readings by authors of their work and possibly even a question and answers session afterwards. This was certainly not the case!

The idea behind the show is that we’ve lost contact with other members of our community, due to the lack of Mass. Not the chanting and the bell ringing, the standing up and sitting down, but a place to go and meet the people in your community. For most people under a certain age, religion plays no part in their lives and while the pros and cons of this can be argued, the fact that we don’t see or meet the people who live around us is definitely not a good thing.

The structure of the piece included three short stories read by actors, two songs (One by the Beatles, the other by MGMT and yes, you are invited to sing along!), with all the parts linked together by the priest for the day; Duncan Molloy. While God was mentioned in the course of the various talks, so was Higgs boson (science), and the Catholic Church took a fair old bashing. There was even a moment involving a large bath of water in the centre of the room, which was the element of ritual to the affair (to find out what happened with the Bath, you’ll have to go!).

In one of the stranger moments, during the course of one of the readings about the loss of someone’s father, the girl beside me started quite audibly crying. It had obviously resonated with her and the events in her own life, and had a deep effect on her. While it would be easy to be cruel about the events, and dismiss it as a hippie love in, you did leave the venue feeling like you looked at the world a little differently then when you went in, at least for a little while!

The final Mass is on next Sunday (23rd) at 3 and 5PM, with tickets at €10-12. Despite the image above, this is an ice cream free event!

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