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I don’t know if you saw this article anywhere, but some time last week I read an article in The Guardian about Bruce Willis taking on Apple with a legal challenge related to ownership of digital music. The basic jist was that you don’t actually own music that you’ve bought as a download, and that (amongst other things), you can’t leave it to someone when you die.

I thought this was all a bit funny, whilst at the same time being a bit horrified by some of the examples of digital recalls made by the likes of Amazon. Anyway, I pondered sticking some reference to it onto nomoreworkhorse, but then didn’t (as is my wont).

Fortunately, my journalistic instincts were sharp here, as the whole thing turns out to be complete cobblers, as none of the many papers and web pages that published it bothered to verify it. There’s a good article in (ironically) The Guardian tecnnology section about it here:

In some ways I’m sorry that it isn’t true, as I’m a Luddite on downloads, and still buy things in physical formats. I know I’m wrong, but I just like to physically own these things (this holds for books and music).

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