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Yes, that’s right, I’ve been moaning for a while now that nothing was happening on the gig front, but just like Dublin Bus, you wait for what seems like hours and then…

I’ve ordered them in likelihood of me actually going to them (Ok, I know you don’t really care).

Jens LekmanWhelans –  22/11/12. Thursday Night, €20, yep, that has me sold.

Becks Vier Rhythm Weekender – 18-20/10/12 – De la Soul, Hot 8 Brass Band, Hypnotic Brass band…This one is pretty damn good, I’ll have to admit.

David Kitt – Whelans – 6/10/12. Monday €15. It’s a Monday night, but he’s playing Small Moments again and I missed it last time out.

Stars – Academy – 30/11/12. Friday €16. It’s Friday and it’s 16 euro, so it doesn’t take much to push me over the edge, and I’ve never seen these guys.

Rodriguez – Button Factory – 22/11/12 Thursday €22. This is kind of cool, he’s the guy from ‘Searching for Sugarman’ who has come back from the dead to play a gig. He was dead, right?

Calexico – Olympia – 14/02/12 Thursday Night, €25. That’s kissing day, right? No one will be going to a gig on kissing day. I used to love Calexico a few years ago, but the passion has gone. There’s just not umph anymore!

Florence and the Machine – O2 – 12/12/12. Wednesday night, from €40. You see all those 12’s? That’s pretty cool right? I really don’t get Aunt Flo if I’m being honest.

Paul Banks – Academy – 20/01/12. Sunday night, €20. Who said that Interpol were the Killers for Indie kids? I always liked that line.

Here’s Jens on marrying for the right reasons…

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