Movies – 7-09-12

First off, there’s sadly no reviews of the new Judge Dredd movie, as they didn’t give any press screenings! I can only imagine they did this as they knew that all the critics would love it, so they simply decided to save a bit of money. I’m sure it’s fantastic anyway, and you should all go see!

Out of the movies that the critics were allowed to go see, Anna Karenina, the Queen of Versailles and Tabu are the ones that seemed to get the thumbs up, with Nick Cave’s Lawless only getting mixed reviews sadly (I’ll still go to it!). Anna K seems to push all the right buttons and might save you reading a very long Tolstoy book, which is always a positive for me! You can now bluffat dinner parties! It’s from the director of Atonement and the Soloist, Joe Wright. The Queen of Versailles sounds like a long episode of Grand Designs, as you watch a billionaire try to build the largest family home in America, until the recession kicks in that is. Tabu sounds…. nice and odd actually, with various odd stories intermingling.

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