Mountains to Sea Festival Highlights – Preview

I only briefly mentioned the Mountains to Sea festival so far, so thought I spend a bit of time looking at what’s on. It is lacking a big name star this year, in my mind, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of quality things on to take you to Dun Laoghaire.

Howard Jacobson is a person you probably recognise off the box, even if you don’t know his work as a writer. He is in conversation with Paul Murray (Skippy dies) at 6.30 today! The focus then changes to the short story with Claire Keegan and Richard Bausch are on at 8.30 tonight.

On Thursday, James Fenton discusses the work of Philip Larkin in the keynote address.

Claire Kilroy and David Mitchell are probably the highlight of a very busy Saturday line up, which has a number of work shops and events for all types of creative writing.

The one that caught my eye on Sunday is two TV writers, from Mad Men and Borgen are on stage; Lisa Albert and Jeppe Gjervig Gram.

There’s even a few events for comic nerds like myself, which might actually help you to start writing your own, so really there is something for everyone…

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