Fringe Festival Preview – Highlights

Dublin’s very own Fringe Festival opens this week (Thursday 6th Sept) and as ever, the programme is somewhat daunting. It’s a mass names and none of them household! Here’s a few tips of what not to miss, and feel free to add your own in the comments section.

1. Briefs – An all male Australian circus troop that will go down well with those you enjoyed La Clique in previous years. It looks like a fun night out and should be filled with plenty of laughs and thrills. See the video below for a good idea of what you’re going to get.

2. Efterklang and the Major Lift Orchestra – We’ve been banging on about this one for several months now, but Efterklang really are a bit special life, and to get them with an orchestra could be a bit special.

3. ElevatorThis is pop baby don’t do boring theatre, so any new production from them is something to get excited about, and with Wayne Jordan as director, it’s even more reason to get excited about this one.

4. White Rabbit, Red Rabbit – As an actor, imagine performing a play you’ve never seen or read before. That’s the challenge set to ‘some of the biggest names in Irish theatre’. Imagine being 29 and not being able to leave your country, that’s the world writer Nassim Soleimanpour depicts in this original play from Iran.

5. The Oh Fuck moment – We’ve all had them, how this award winning piece of participatory theatre explores them in greater detail!

A special mention for Fergal McCarthy. Long may he continue being Fergal McCarthy! A collection of his favorite words should be on the wall of the Liffey bank shortly!

He will “stencil hundreds of metre high words into the grime of the Liffey walls using a powerhose to form a 3km linear stripe of text visible from the quays”

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