Movies – 31-08-92

Two movies of note this week, Samsara which I’ve already talked about lots, so I won’t mention again! The other one is the bizarre sounding ‘Berberian Sound System’ which is the story of a mild-mannered folio artist that ends up working on an Italian horror movie. The critics seem to love it, and it does seem to be an unusual one at least, so worth checking out.
‘In the Dark Half’ looks like a nice spooky english horror movie, and gets average reviews. Total Recall gets a bashing in all directions, but is meant to look nice. As ever with dodgy sci-fi movies, I’m tempted to go regardless of what the critics say!

Ok, it’s not actually ’92, but it is in the IFI, with screenings of Waynes World and etc. Yes, it’s a terrible movie, but they’re also selling coffee at 1992 prices, so that’s something at least. One of my friends thought that ‘blowing chunks’ and hurling both meant ejaculating, watch the trailer below and see what you think with this new meaning!

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