Things to do

Things to do in Dublin – 27th August – 2nd Sept

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die”

Well, it was a wild ride while it lasted! I hope everyone made the most of the various Sailors, Directors, Jazz musicians and Skate board kids that were in town over the last few days. It was a bit of a crazy idea to have everything on the one weekend, but I’m sure whatever committee that decided it had their reasons. Like someone waking up the morning after the night before, I knew we’d end up paying for it, and yes, it’s a quiet one!

The best we can do for this week, is to promote a road trip to Stradbally, Loais.

Movies – The main new release I’m excited about is Samsara, which we talked about before here. 

For fans of the oldies, Casablanca is on at the NCH, with live accompaniment from the RTÉ Concert Orchestra on Friday. It could be fun actually.

The wonderful Princess Bride is on in the Sugar Club on Wednesday.

Music – There’s only really one place worth visiting this week, and that’s the Picnic in Loais. If I’m honest, there’s only about five bands/ singers in it I’d like to see: The Cure, Grandaddy, Tinersticks, Grimes and Grizzly Bear (who seem to be buried down the list for no good reason!

Closer to Dublin, Codes play the workman’s club on Thursday. I think there’s a general unwillingness for promoters to put anything on, with a good chunk of the gig going public out of town.

Not a lot stirring in the world of theatre or visual art, so you can have a look at last week here. It’s the last week to see the summer show in the Kerlin, so get in there while you still can.

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