Tall Ships – Bulmers Live Music – George’s Dock

I mentioned this in passing in the ‘Things to do...’ section, but I think it’s more than worthy of a blog in it’s own right (high praise indeed!). It features some of the best of Irish, a good antidote to the Rose nonsense taking place as we speak (possibly the worst of Irish).

Full details of the event is here, as well as some of the other events on around the city. Full line up of gigs at George’s dock (Beside the CHQ building) is below, but with Duke Special, Cathy Davey, Ash, The Frank and Walters, The Lost Brothers, Theraphy and Spook of the 13th lock (who backed up the amazing Josh T Pearson the other night!). Lets hope they get some decent weather for it!


13.30-14.10 Foreign Slippers

14.20-15.00 Riptide Movement

15.10-15.40 The Original Rudeboys

15.50-16.30 Scullion

16.45-17.25 Foy Vance

17.40-18.50 Duke Special

19.15-20.30 Cathy Davey

21.00-22.30 Jerry Fish


14.00-14.40 The Animators

14.55-15.35 Rams Pocket Radio

15.50-16.30 The Minutes

16.45-17.30 Lost Brothers

17.45-18.45 Mark Geary

19.15-20.30 Ryan Sheridan

21.00-22.30 Ash



14.00-14.40 Mighty Stef

14.55-15.35 The Spook of the 13th Lock

15.50-16.30 This Club

16.45-17.30 Delorentos

17.45-18.45 Frank & Walters

19.15-20.30 Therapy?

21.00-22.30 The Undertones



11.00-11.30 Craiceann

11.45-13.15 Dublin Gospel Choir

13.30-14.00 Harry J & The Conspiracy

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