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Things to do in Dublin – 2nd July – 8th July

As was pretty obvious for the last few weeks, there was lots of things to do, but basically I just watched football! Sadly, this is no longer an option, as those over paid prima donnas are all off on their hols, and have left us barren and empty. Here’s a list of things that could help fill the void in some small way!

1. Deliverance – IFI – 4th July – 18.45 – John Boorman will be ‘in the house’ to introduce one of his finest movies, and still one of the freakiest movies I’ve ever seen.

2. Bram Stoker – Events CitywideBram is one of those Irish treasures we largely ignore, but not this week, as the man who is largely responsible for all the dodgy vampire movies in existence is a 100 years dead this year! There’s a lot of events on, but Roy Foster in the Little Museum on Dublin is the one I’m aiming for.

3. Stone Roses – Phoenix Park – 5th July – There was a time when I would have wet myself about going to this, but sadly these days I’m more worried about getting wet in this outdoor gig. For those braver than me, there’s the chance to see Manchester’s finest in the flesh for the first time in many a moon.

4. Conjuring for Beginners – Project arts centre – 5th July – 6-8 PM – This sounds an interesting event, with the whole of the Project being devoted to the visual arts and sculpture. You can get guided tours on Thursday, so go ask some difficult questions!

5. America, F*ck Yeah – Lighthouse cinema – A series of movies celebrating all that is great about America, just in time for it’s birthday on the 4th of July. Top Gun (poor Tom and Katie), Point Break and Team America, who could ask for more?

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