Movies – 29-06-12 – Dark Horse

Three good indie releases this week is a bit of a surprise for mid summer, but there is also another version of Amazing Spiderman and Ice Age, so something for everyone I guess.

Todd Solondz has had an unusual career, but what would you expect from the director of Happiness? He seems to be back in a groove after a long career break between Palindromes (2004) and Life during Wartime (2009). I’ll be happy to get a movie out of him every two years, as he has an unusual vision of the world. The trailer below seems a little like one for ‘A 40 year old Virgin’, it really is amazing how the people who make those things can twist a movie to look like anything they want!

Killer Joe is the other interesting release of the week. It’s a fun tale of trailer park America, which is completely over the top and relies on cliches throughout, but is a great fun tale that was almost a great movie! William Freidkin directs, who is an amazing guy, with many a story to tell as he proved at the lighthouse last week.

Your sister’s sister is a mumble core movie starring Mark Duplass which most of the critics seem to have enjoyed. I must admit having a soft spot for these movies, so I’ll probably end up at this one also!

Otherwise this week, it’s an unwanted and unnecessary reboot of Spiderman, the Ice Age, and a re-release of the Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie. A mixed bag, shall we say!

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