Triple J – Like a Version

Ah yes, the words Triple J take me back, just like Proust and his kimberley mikado (ok, madeleine)! I remember an apartment block just outside Sydney with far too many Irish people in it, and the continual battles over the hi-fi system. The Cranberries were in their pomp at this time (through them I learned that Zombies are not all good!) and one of my friends just loved their new album. I used to stop the cd anytime he left the room, and put back on Red House Painters or whatever bleak mopey music I was listening to at that stage. Various battles ensued between the Cranberry camp and those without cloth ears.

One of the few pieces of middle ground was Triple J, which is basically Australia’s version of 2FM, but so much better it’s ridiculous! They play a wide mix of indie rock, and lots of Australian bands also.

A friend who has since departed this hemisphere and landed down under tipped me off to the wide collection of bands they have on their ‘like a version’ part of there web site here. There also have live sessions with people as good as PJ Harvey, Fleet Foxes to live stream and download. Go check it out…

See those guys playing the O2 on triple J below…

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