Things to do

Things to do in Dublin – June 18th – 24th

As ever, a lot of events/ exhibitions run on from last week, so check out here, here and here.

NCAD Graduate & Postgraduate Exhibitions 2012 was great this year, and as ever gave a good insight into the nation’s mental state. As expected, there was a lot of recession art! Houses, builders and ghost estates featured heavily, as well as an unusual game of baseball!  Time out of Mind – IMMA and RHA Summer Show continue, and are well worth checking out.

1. Body and Soul Festival – 22-24th June – Ok, not quite Dublin, but well worth a road trip for what we expect to be the best Irish festival of the year, with M83, St. Vincent and the Villagers, to name but a few. West Meath is the place to be this weekend, June 22nd to 24th.

2. Killer Joe with William Friedkin Q&A – Sat, June 23rd at 5.00 – The director of the Exorcist and the French connection returns with a new movie about a young drug dealer who has his stash stolen, and has to come up with $6,000 quick! The Lighthouse cinema is also have a Q&A with the director, and a short festival of his movies.

3. Garrett Phelan – IMMA – New Faith Love Song – Thurs, 21st June, 9.00 – This sounds like it could be fun:  ‘The live performance sound work involves the bell-ringers of both Christ Church Cathedral and St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin city centre, which can be heard from 9.00 to 9.25pm on Thursday, 21 June. It is recommended that the listening location for the sound work is between the two cathedrals on Nicholas Street.”

4. Drogheda Samba Festival – 22-24th June – I’m really pushing this Dublin thing this week, but a Samba festival is a Samba festival, and can’t be ignored! Music, Dance and food.

5. Meet the Makers – Tues, 19th June @ 6 – As a side offering from Tom Murphy’s play ‘The House’ in the Abbey, Tom Murphy will be talking at the abbey tomorrow –  “Come and listen to maestro Tom Murphy as he talks about his passion for music and how it underscores his writing with Mark O’Halloran.”

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