Movies – 15-06-12

Cosmopolis is a Cronenberg adaptation of a Don Delillo novel. There are a lot of good things about that last sentence. It stars Robert Pattinson. There are a lot of bad things about that last sentence. I’ve no idea why Cronenberg has had two movies since Christmas, but obviously one of them got held up for whatever reason. This one sounds a bit too dry for most people’s taste, and is possibly best avoided.

And Sadly… That seems the best of a bad bunch this week! The Dead is on in the IFI tonight at 6.40, which is a bit of a classic, so if you must…

Red Lights is the follow up to director Rodrigo Cortes’s Buried, and hints that it may have been a one off! Lots of famous folk, but not very good. Polisse is the story of life in a young offenders prison in Paris, and similarly gets average to poor reviews. So, in simple terms, enjoy the football, and try not to worry about Ireland’s performance too much.

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