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Just as nothing ruins a gig like a lousy venue (ladies and gentlemen I present the Troxy in Limehouse), a really great venue adds massively to the experience. Sadly, these are exactly the kinds of venue that have been disappearing, as happened to the beautiful Luminaire in Kilburn at the end of 2010.

One of the co-owners of Luminaire has written a blog on why they closed up shop, and the issues facing smaller venues, and I thought it was pretty interesting, so take a peep if you will…



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  1. It’s an interesting piece, but it does sound like he gave up the venue without too much of a fight! Sounded like he wouldn’t play the game that promoters expected them too. Nice of AIB to get a mention also!

  2. I think that they just got disspirited with the whole thing, and it was notable how few weekend gigs ever got booked there, despite it being a lovely venue. I think the point about music moving East is very valid for London, and that’s a shame, nice to have a variety of venues, and some spread of where they are.

    It’s the only venue I’ve coma across that strictly enforced a rule of no chatter while there’s an artist on stage, which just made it lovely to see people like Eitzel and Howe Gelb there.

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