Record Store Day

Record store day is back, and with the declining number of stores around the city, they should be cherished like a new born! Well, maybe not, but it’s probably a nice way to spend a Saturday wandering around town.

You can get details on line ups here. Tower records seem to have the best of the line ups in Dublin, and even have a ‘Special Guest’ appearing at 6 pm, although I’ll have to say, the bands have become a lot more local than those that appeared this time last year!

Tower’s line up is after the break, one name that jumps out at me is the Pale, but maybe I’m just showing my age.

Friday 20th April

Tieranniesaur @ 3pm

Riptide Movement @ 4pm

Pale @ 5pm



Saturday 21st April

Simone Felice @ 1pm

HAL @ 2pm

Sweet Jane @ 3pm

Dark Room Notes @ 4pm

Elvens @ 5pm



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