Movies – 14-04-12 – Blackthorn

Blackthorn is Sam Shepard being a little self indulgent, but if it’S not allowed at his age, it would be cruel to complain. It feels like the Shakespearean actor that never got to play Romeo, due to not being famous enough in his youth. What is the equivalent with a man who loves the western? Sam plays an ageing Butch Cassidy, who survived what is commonly thought to be his death and returns for annother more slow paced adventure. I’m not a huge fan of the western, but this tale is more one of an old man trying to bow out in style, and if you like Sam, you’ll doubtless like this one.

Cabin in the woods seems to have surprised a lot of critics, but if you’ve seen as much Buffy as I have, you’ll be on pretty familiar ground. Its a relatively well written horror/ zombie movie, with a few twists and a bit more humor and creativeness in the plot than we generally get from the genre.

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