A Doll House – Pan Pan – Smock Alley

Always bright and inventive, Pan Pan return with another adaption of a classic, this time Ibsen’s Doll House. Those familiar with the company will know that it’s unlikely to be a straight adaptation, and it doesn’t fail to add humor and eccentricity that are throughout their work. There is only the barest of sets, with one of the characters coming onto the stage to describe the setting and also to give you notes on what the text is said to mean before each scene. There’s music and movement throughout the piece, and it is far removed from a dull night at the theatre.

It was also the opening night of the new Smock Alley, which is a welcome addition to the stages of Dublin. It’s a mid size theatre (220 people) with fixed seating on three sides, with steep raked seating, giving a good eye line from all spots.

The Irish Times theatre blog ‘Pursued by a Bear’ has a readers offer for reduced price tickets, and it’s well worth a visit.

There’s even time for a carpenter’s classic!

Here’s director Gavin Quinn discussing his work.

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