Movies – 06-04-12

Nice to see the Irish Times ran with the story about James Cameron directing Promethus 2, which according to this was an April Fool story. This story with fake quotes had already suckered in the Guardian, so it’s good to see their level of journalism is equal to my own! Never check a fact, that’s what I say.

Le Harve looks just about the best of the new releases this week. It’s a french movie about an unlikely friendship between… no wait, come back, it’s alright, just because a movie has an unlikely friendship, doesn’t mean it’s rubbish, honest. Just watch the trailer and see what you think.

Headhunters gets good reviews from most sources. and is a thriller based on a James Nesbo novel. It has one of those trailers where they try and pretend it isn’t a foreign language movie, that I always love. Are they really trying to sucker people into going to a subtitle movie? You should be given a refund!

Other releases are ‘a cat in paris’ which is for kids, and maybe french ones. Also, James Cameron gives critics another chance to savage Titanic, by releasing it in 3D. Expect lots of ‘Are the characters now in 3D also, or are they as flat as ever?’ style comments.

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