An old friend – Red House Painters: Old Ramon

Did you ever have a band you really liked that put out consistently good records but at some point you just stopped listening? I’ve found I have done this with a few bands I really loved over the years. One such case was Red House Painter’s last record, Old Ramon. I had loved every prior release but for some reason I stopped at this one. Never bought it, never listened to it. I have no idea why. Perhaps I just had enough good RHP albums. Perhaps I didn’t want the journey to end and subconsciously saved it for some future date. Well, that time is now, a decade later, and it’s like having an old friend call over. For me, it’s a new RHP release and I love it. The languid beauty of Void and Cruiser. Kozelek’s voice. It’s all there.

One thing you can always rely on with No More Workhorse is for us to be first with the reviews of decade-old albums. Yes sir.

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  1. Funny timing, this, was listening to RHP this morning for the first time in ages – must give Old Ramon a listen. I remember looking forward to it so much at the time that it couldn’t but disappoint, but haven’t heard it much since.

  2. I remember telling you repeatedly that you should buy it at the time John, but you were just being stubborn i think. You can just get bored with artists though, having heard the same album from them once too often. They really have to keep evolving to keep interest…

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