More Halloween Movies

I’m sure it’ll be rubbish, and the trailer below would suggest that it quite possibly is, but the Wicker Tree is part of this year’s Horrorthon in the IFI (Thurs at 9.15). Yes, that’s right, the follow up to the legendary Wicker man.  IMDB gives it three stars of goodness, and I’m quite sure they docked the other two stars due to their strong Christian beliefs.

The line up of movies in the festival is the usual mix of lost ‘classic’ and new horror movies. Full line up o f movies is here.

The guest of honour Terminator and Aliens star Michael Biehnm, who is there to flog his new movie and directorial debut, The Victim, in which he also stars (the trailer below is worth watching, I’m loving the voice over). There’s also screenings of his other movies, and discussions with him, so you can learn all you could possibly need to know about the man this weekend.

You can also go heavy on the horror, with a one day(€40), two (€67), three (€95), four (€120) and five (€125) day pass.

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