Song Wars #2

Update: Kimya wins! I’m pretty sure the volcano swung it.

It’s a slow Monday, so I’ve decided to knock out another battle royale. Same rules as ever, two songs enter, one song leaves.

Another two new (ish) releases this week:

Lana Del Rey is a marketing company’s wet dream, stunning looking with a voice that’ll melt the hardest of hearts. Ok, she didn’t drop out of oblivion, but that doesn’t alter her music, does it?

‘She calls her shtick “Lolita in the hood” or “the gangster Nancy Sinatra”’ – you probably already know her, as she’s everywhere at this stage.

Kimya has just self released her new album ‘Thunder Thighs’, no marketing companies beat down her door, but there’s a simple beauty to what she does.

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  1. Another vote for Song-Fu. Let’s go with it! I’ll even do you up a banner image for it 😉

    I gave Lana my vote – I was watching this video recently actually and I like the music and her voice – HOWEVER – there is something a little bit annoying about the “video game” lyric…

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