Wild Bride – Gaiety Theatre

The Wild Bride is based on an old fairy tale about a deal with the devil, that goes horribly wrong. You’d have to question whether it’s ever worth your while doing deals with the devil, as they never really work out, do they? A father inadvertently gives his daughter to the beast in return for riches, and so begins the story of the wild bride!

It’s a story told through dance and song mainly, with the bride herself only opening her mouth to sing. Other characters such as the prince and the devil do have dialogue, with the later being the narrator of the piece. The dance sequences seem to be simple movements but carried out beautifully, with everyday movements such as sweeping carried out with grace and style. The music is pure blues, with Robert Johnson viewed as the blueprint (the man who sold his sold at the crossroads).

The bride is played by three actresses a the various stages of her life, with the other two becoming her guide and helpers throughout. It’s opening night was last night in the Gaiety, and they received a huge reaction from the crowd. I don’t think anyone left disappointed! There’s a few days left to see it, with tickets still going for ten euro in Final Call (today at least!).

Categories: Festivals, Theatre

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