Fringe Festival – Pope Bededict: Bond Villain

I Fringed for the first time last night! I went to Pope Benedict: Bond Villain, mostly on the strength of the title, and as I hadn’t been to anything in the festival so far, which is pretty shameful.

“Pope Benedict has a creepy voice, a priceless art collection and diplomatic immunity. His real name is ‘Ratzinger’. And he heads a sinister organisation, hell-bent on World Domination.”

It’s an hour of stand up comedy by Abie Philbin Bowman (who I presume is the brother of Jonathan), which is well worth a visit. Funny with a hint of pathos, with topics ranging from God to the IMF, and the short distance inbetween. It runs in the Lir academy until Saturday the 24th. The Lir itself is a new venue in Dublin that feels like a slightly smaller version of the Sam Beckett in Trinity, with a nicer front of house. The Lir is an academy of the dramatic arts, which is part of Trinity and associated with Rada.

Other things I’m aiming to get to in the Fringe:

Man of Valor – The Corn Exchange’s production is a one man show starring Paul Reid of Raw.

The Yellow Wallpaper – based on the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

THE ADVENTURES OF ALVIN SPUTNIK: Deep Sea Explorer – Direct from sold out seasons in New York, Sydney and Auckland, this multi award-winning piece of heart-warming “theatrical magic” (Sunday Mail) is a one-man epic about enduring love and the end of the world – This is the ultimate feel-good show.

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