Batman – Year One

Batman: Year one is one of Frank Miller’s better works. It was originally a four issue run in Detective comics between issue 404 and 407 in 1987, and featured the art work of David Mazuchelli, the same team as Daredevil – Born again. It’s possibly the same story you’ve heard a 100 times before, in that it’s mostly a Batman Genesis, but has the Miller slant, which is always nice, and the art is terrific.

It has been converted to an animated movie, which seems to be going ‘straight to video’ as we used to say when there was such things as videos. The trailer for it is below, so see what you think yourself…

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    • Yeah, Frank was great for about 15 years there, even the early sin cities were extremely good. Must see his movie at some stage, it’s meant to be awful, but I’d like to know just how awful!

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