Guest Post – ‘Coming of Age’ Movies

The public requested, nay demanded guest posts, and what does the workhorse give them? This is the first one, and hopefully some of the other people I’ve been nagging will come up with the goods something soon (you know who you are!). This is by the wonderful Rebecca, from Candepop fame, the best blog for all things baby.  I asked her to come up with a top five ‘coming of age’ movies, and below is the result:

I’m looking at the trailer for The Art of Getting By and realizing that although I want to see it, I’ll probably be the oldest person in the cinema. Coming of age movies aren’t just about the movie itself, but also about the age you are when you watch them. They are made of their age and for their age. The thought provoking connection that you feel with them is very much linked to your experience in the world. I guess the more teen angst you have, the more you can enjoy them. For me, these are my top five coming of age movies. Everyone has their own. Some day my kid will have his own. Hopefully if I get to watch them too, I’ll still have enough wonder at the world to enjoy them.

The Yearling

Featuring Gregory Peck, a young boy, his pet fawn named Flag and a situation that forces him to grow up very quickly. I won’t ruin the end completely, but there were tears, definitely tears.

The legendary gold of One Eyed Willie, the Fratellis, Chester Copperpot, friends overcoming fears… echoing the trepidation, excitement and adventure of growing up.
The movie that made everyone want to wear scarves on their ankles and put on lipstick using their cleavage (but still couldn’t make us really like Ally Sheedy).

Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold… need I say more.
I was lucky enough to see Stand by Me at my first teen sleepover for my then best friend’s birthday (a rite of passage style event for the ultimate rite of passage movie). I’ll never forget it. Although I’ll forever find it hard to reconcile Jerry O’Connell of Stand by Me with Jerry O’Connell of Sliders.

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      • The omissions are always as interesting as the inclusions on these ones. You’re always better off to give a list of ‘these almost made it’, just so you can double your number of choices! I’d make a case for Dead Poet’s Society, Big, 16 Candles and Almost Famous also.

        The Outsiders is indeed a classic. Hard to believe how many of them went on to become famous!

  1. Good list, and of course you’ll always miss some classics by the nature of limiting it to 5, but it struck me that ‘Shane’, although a generation earlier than most of the films above, is pretty much the pinnacle of the genre for my money.

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