Mark Kozelek – St. Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny

The last four or five times I’ve seen Mark play in Dublin he’s told the story of the Irish girl he picked up, that was so drunk she urinated in the wardrobe of his hotel room, instead of the bathroom. This is always met with the same reaction, of laughter, but I don’t think that is what Mark is aiming for. He wants us Irish to discover just how flawed we are, and to change our ways. He continues on to point out that the Irish have a problem with drink, which is generally met with a cheer, and lots of people holding their drink up to the stage.

Anyway, we can only hope Mark had his video camera out for the pee-ing girl, as he’s releasing a new documentary called ‘Mark Kozelek: On Tour’. I doubt it though, I’d say it’s just lots of arty shots of garages and airports with guitar music playing over it.  You can see the trailer for Mark’s new documentary here.

He’s also playing as part of the Kilkenny Arts festival in St. Canice’s Cathedral on the 14-08-11. Might be worth a visit, for the pee-ing girl story alone.

Categories: Festivals, Gigs, Music

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