Movies – 10-06-11 – Kaboom

Kaboom is the new movie from Greg Araki, who previously made ‘Mysterious Skin’ among many others that I haven’t heard of. The Guardian says it’s ‘Like an episode of Scooby Doo without the dog, and with an awful lot of sex’. I can think of no higher praise! I don’t think they meant it that way though.

Otherwise, Kung Fu Panda 2 seems to get more praise than I expected, with most reviewers settling on three stars.

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  1. Kaboom is… really badly acted, poorly written, and shot on nasty australian soap like film. Having said that, it’s alright, in a daft kind of way. I hated it for a while in the cinema, and then decided I was just going to run with it, and it’s quite fun when you do.

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