Jeff Mangum Whelans

Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel is curating his own ATP in early December, but what is he doing the Wednesday beforehand, I hear you ask? He’s playing in Whelans is the obvious answer!

Neutral milk only released two albums, with their second ‘In an airplane over the sea’ received a positive reaction at the time of it’s release (98), but never gained much of a reaction form the general public. It’s songs are largely based on Anne Frank, and dreams Mangum had of a Jewish family during World War 2.

I’ve never been a huge fan, I’ll have to admit, but the reaction to this gig is such that I expect it to sell out in seconds, so if you’re interested, be ready on Friday morning, as they should sell out stupidly quickly. Tickets on sale from ticketmaster, wav ticket line and

Tickets are 20 euro, and the date is Nov 30th, even though I didn’t say it above!

UPDATE: As predicted, it sold out in about 30 minutes. I tried on wav ticket line but failed miserably. Keep nagging Foggy and he might change venues or give us a second date!

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