Mindfield is a ‘festival of ideas’ which runs from this weekend in Merrion Square, dealing with four main areas of Culture, Technology, Politics and Inspiration. The list of international names involved is a little short, but there are a number of very worthwhile Irish contributers, such as Director/ writer Neil Jordan (reading from his new novel ‘Mistaken’) and John Banville.

The man responsible for some of the most iconic photos of Samuel Beckett; John Minihan will also be talking, which could be an interesting insight into both the writer and photographer.

To me, the pricing of most events at 10 euro sounds a little steep, but there is a number of free events, and a weekend pass costs 69 euros, if you want to embrace it fully!

Here is John Banville discussing art.

Update: I just found this on, which gives their picks of the top events at the festival.

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