Rollerskate Skinny Return (in parts)

Jimi Shields is taking to the stage in Whelans tonight, as the warm up act for the great J Mascis (Dino Jr.). He seems to have left the garden for long enough to play this date at least. I’ll be there and will be interested to hear what he comes up with. No idea if this is the first stage of a return, or whether it’s a once off, but it should be interesting, none the less.

I’m as guilty as any of treating Rollerskate Skinny as a one man band, but in truth, I’ve very little idea of how the writing/ recording process went for them. Ken Griffin was the vocalist, and played keyboards and guitars also. His new band, ‘The Favourite Sons’ are returning with their second album. They play ‘Forbidden Fruit’ in Dublin and also Cork X Southwest and the Forbidden Fruit festivals. They sounds nice enough, and interesting hearing that voice again!

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  1. Hey click below and hear what favourite sons actually sound like Favourite Sons actually sound like.

    Jimi only played on Rollerskate Skinnys first record.
    Thanks for the mention

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