New Music

A couple of folky people I’ve been listening to quite a bit recently.

Josh T Pearson is a Texan, but a nice one! He played in the workman’s club over the weekend, but he clashed with the football, so I took the easy option. I slightly regret it, but always nice to see Robbie Keane (Legend) running away from goal with a smile on his face! Check out his myspace also, as I couldn’t find much of him on youtube.

Agnes Obel is a Danish singer/ song writer, living and working in Berlin. She has a lovely singing voice, and this song reminds me of Kristin Hersh in her ‘Your Ghost/ Hips and Makers era.

She plays the Sugar Club (lovely venue for it) on April 16th, tickets are 15 euro.

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  1. This may or may not be the place to mention it, but in the automatic mailouts that I get when you make a new post, the links are always broken – which forces me to come to the site. Which is all part of your cunning plan, I’m sure. Maybe something to do with automatic link shortening or something?

    Liking that Agnes Obel track a lot.

  2. Over to you on that one orgs, well beyond me to sort that kind of thing out.

    I’m sure that everyone knows, but Pearson was previously in Lift to Experience, who made one album, ‘The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads’ about ten years ago. It’s a very ambitious album, which in truth doesn’t always work, but has an interesting narrative arc. If you like his new stuff, it’s well worth checking out.

    • James – I’ll have a fiddle with the settings. Might be something in there. It improves the number of hits, which in turn affects my sense of well being, so it’s possibly a good thing, but… I will try. The Agnes song is pretty haunting, I think I’ll head along to the sugar club to see what she’s like.

      Ro – Yeah, I read about the old band, but haven’t checked them out. He has a lovely song on his myspace page called ‘Country Dumb’ which is great, but it doesn’t seem to be on Youtube. I slightly regret not going to see him!

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